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Ancient Women's Circle Retreat
October 5,6,7th 2018
Cannon Beach, Oregon
The Guide
Liliana is not just a visionary, she creates a container for healing and wholeness wherever she goes. She invites you to leave behind the bullshit, encourages healthy boundaries, sans drama or spiritual competition. All who join are welcome as co-creators and weavers of this circle. Liliana will introduce 5 sacred archetypes that will help you deepen your connection with yourself and other women. Through ritual, sharing, labyrinth building, journaling, solo moments, delicious communion and group play, you will have the opportunity to connect with other phenomenal women!
The Book
Mending the Circle: A Guide for Reviving The Ancient Women’s Circle (Advanced copy for participants only).

Healer and world renowned intuitive Rev. Liliana Barzola brings you into her circle. With this ground-breaking facilitators guide she invites you to remember and create your own rituals. Take back your ancient women’s circle. The circle is your origin, your hearth fire; a container for growth, connection and play. At a point in history when community is sparse she places into your hands a guidebook for holistic activism. Don’t wait for salvation create your own now.  Begin your journey into the circle of the sisterhood.

In this audio I share the story of how the Women's Circle came into my life:
Listen to Part One Here
Be There Now
The consciousness level of the masses is grotesquely low. We have forgotten nature. We have forgotten that there is an entire ecosystem that sustains us humans. In order to get away from the pain this truth causes, we deny what we have lost by focusing on money and materialism. As women we have been drugged, medicalized, forgotten and renamed a thousand times over. Still we cannot be killed. The feminine is life. We are strong, passionate and eternal. This nourishing circle is a reclamation of woman. In the form of Mother nature, she’s tougher than the patriarchy, bigger than all of us. You were born to remember your wholeness and to raise the vibration of our original circle; our planet. I consider the ancient women’s circle holistic activism. -Rev. Liliana Barzola
Your Investment: $1,149.00

The Magic:

WHEN: October 5th-7th, 2018

WHO: Anyone identifying as "woman" is welcome.

WHERE: Cannon Beach, Oregon.

~Enjoy a Private Intuitive Session
with Rev. Liliana via phone (45min)

~Join our Three Day Ancient Women's Circle

Friday {Dinner Included} 4:00pm - 8:00pm
Saturday {Breakfast & Lunch included} 8:30am - 3:00pm Optional Dinner at Newmans at 988 in Cannon Beach, Oregon (cost of dinner not included)
Sunday {Breakfast & Lunch included} 9:00am - 1:oopm

~Five Delicious Meals + Beverages

~An Advanced Copy of Liliana's Ancient Women’s Circle Guide

WANDER the secret garden with lily pond and trails in the old growth forest. GATHER, weather permitting we will be outside, if it's rainy we will be tucked in (cozy) to the greenhouse and cabin with wood stove.

*There will be a therapy dog onsite.

(Lodging not included)
Many of us are staying at the Gearheart Ocean Inn
Handy cheat sheet of accommodations Click Here

Payment plans available just click button below.


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Artisan Goddess
Rev. Josie Coleman
Liliana's co-facilitator and event coordinator. She helps bring all the pieces together.

Intuitive Healer and Artist Creatrix. Josie has worked wholeheartedly with Lotus Lantern Healing Arts for the past decade. She graces us with an easy laugh and non judgemental perspective on even our most hair-brained schemes!
Cullinary Goddess
Kari Halligan
In her previous life she was a professional baker and chef. She blends magic, love and positive intentions in all the nourishing food she prepares.

Kari is a registered nurse, healer and wisdom keeper. She practices Arvigo technique, Holistic Pelvic Care™ and support women experiencing perinatal loss and bereavement. Her practice is in Seattle, Washington click here to learn more.
Artisan Goddess
Liisa Petrocchi
This Artisan Witch is creating amazing gifts and goodies for participants to take home. Each custom creation is infused with "good vibes".  Her magic wands and bath salts are a potent tool for everyday living.

Liisa is an intuitive healer, Reiki master, space clearer and has taken our Defense Against the Dark Arts Class.
Her practice is in Portland, Oregon click here to learn more.
This Circle Will Explore Fairytales & Healing Agreements
Many of us struggle with the stress and disappointment of being a grown up. As a child, we see things in black and white terms, the world seems easy to understand. The loss of innocence comes as we grow up and recognize things are much more complex than we thought. This can create feelings of betrayal and lead to frustration and disappointment in our relationships and our life's work. Let go of the fairytales you were told and understand your true magic.